BULLBAT Pioneer500 power station

US Spec. (customizable)

500W solar power station — With a 505.44Wh large-capacity li-ion battery, BULLBAT portable power station can power many electrical appliances: 1)The AC output ports can power devices less than 500W; 2)The DC output port can power devices less than 48W; 3)The 12V car port can charge devices less than 120W; 4)The USB-A/TYPE-C ports can power most common electronic devices.

MULTIPLE OUTPUTS/PASS-THROUGH CHARGING — BULLBAT Pioneer 500 features 2*AC outlets(110V 500W), 2*USB-A QC3.0 ports(Max 18W), 2*USB-C PD 60W ports(Bi-directional), 1*DC5521 port(12V/4A), 1*Car port(12V/10A). It also supports pass-through charging, which means it can power your electric devices while charging.

CHARGING 0-80% WITHIN 2 HOURS — This rechargeable solar power station has 2 input ports: 1)The DC5525 port supports 160W MAX input(supports 12V-30V solar panel);2)The bi-directional USB-C port supports 60W MAX input. With a max input power of 220W(AC 160W+PD 60W), this power station can be recharged from 0-80% within 2 hours. .

OUTDOOR & INDOOR DUAL USAGE — This solar power generator is perfect for outdoor activities as a backup battery power supply. It can be also used indoor as an emergency power source during power outage. 


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Bullbat Pioneer 500 power station has a capacity of 505.44Wh that can power a varity of electronic devices and small appliances. Its portability, multiple outputs, and other features make it ideal for use as an outdoor backup power source.

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Multiple Outputs

Bullbat Pioneer 500 power station features 2*AC outlets, 2*USB-A output port, 2*USB-C output port, 1*Car cigarette lighter output port and 1*DC output port. (1)The AC outlet can power small appliances with the rated power of no more than 500W; (2)The USB-A output port can power electronic devices with a maximum output power of 18W; (3)The USB-C(Type-C) output port can provide fast charging for your smartphone, tablet, switch and other popular electronic decives equipped with a Type-C charging port; (4)The DC output port can power devices that support DC input, the maximum output power is 48W.

Fast Recharging

Bullbat Pioneer 500 has a DC5525 input port that supports a input power of 160W max and a input current of 7A. Also, the bi-directional USB-C port supports both output and input. Charging with the DC5525 input port and USB-C port can recharge the power station to 80% within 2 hours! You can also recharge it by 12V/24V car outlet, electric generator, or a solar panel.

BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh_500W_yyth (15)
BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh_500W_yyth (11)

Bypass Charging

Bullbat Pioneer 500 supports pass-through charging(Bypass charging), it enables you to power your electric devices while charging this power station. You don’t have to wait for this power station to be fully recharged before powering your electronics.

LED Display Screen

The LED display screen shows battery percentage in bars and numbers, watt input and output all in numbers, and AC frequency. Convenient for you to operate and check the real-time battery.

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BULLBAT Pioneer 500 Portable Power Station 505Wh_500W_yyth (16)

60W Type-C

The 60W Type-C port can charge your electronic devices quickly, such as smartphone, laptop, camera and so on. Also the Type-C port can be used to recharge the power station.

what it can power




1x DC Input

12V~30V (160W Max & 7A Max)

1x AC Output

500W (Surge 1000W, 3S) 110V~60/50Hz Pure Sine Wave

1x DC Output

12V 4A (48W Max)

2x USB-A Output

5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A (Max 18W for each port, total 36W)

1x USB-C Output

5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 3A (Max 60W)

1x Cigarette Lighter

12V 10A (120W Max)


Battery Capacity


Cell Chemistry

Li-ion NMC

Battery Lifecycle

500 cycles to 80%+

Working Temp/Humidity

0-40℃ / 20%-90%RH

Storage Temp/Humidity

-10℃-55℃ / 5%-95%RH


Net Weight

12 lbs(5.4 kg)


11.8×6.2×9.3 inch(30×15.7×23.6 cm)



AC Plug Type

USA, Japan, Europe, Austrilia, UK, etc



AC adapter & charging cable


Car charging cable


MC4 to DC5525 cable


User manual


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