New Energy Revolution

The power system has always been generating, supplying and using at the same time. Due to wind changes and alternation of day and night, wind and solar power generation presents significant random, intermittent and fluctuating characteristics, which make it difficult to match the relatively fixed electricity demand of users. Therefore, people hope to find a way to store electrical energy, that is, to store it when there is surplus of electricity, and release it when there is a shortage of electricity, so as to meet the needs of real-time balance between supply and demand. Energy storage is the key support point of the energy revolution and has an important strategic position in the multi-energy complementary system.

Without energy storage technology, it is difficult for new energy sources to meet the load demands of users, and resources cannot be fully utilized. It can be said that the breakthrough and popularization of energy storage technology will enable energy distribution and regulation across time and space, which will have revolutionary significance for energy production and consumption.

wind and solar power generation-project