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Rechargeable lithium batteries double the energy density more lightweight

Two Chinese-born scientists at DeakinUniversity in Australia have used a common commercial polymer to create a solid-state electrolyte, opening the door to doubling the energy density of solid-state lithium-ion batteries and saving them from catching fire or overheating and exploding, as has happened previously with Samsung phones. This means lithium-ion batteries will no longer be […]

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26650 lithium battery VS 18650 lithium battery

Which is better, 26650 lithium battery or 18650 lithium battery? The reason why 26650 lithium batteries have gradually become popular in recent years stems from the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry. Both 26650 lithium batteries and 18650 lithium batteries belong to cylindrical lithium batteries. With the large-scale use of lithium batteries, it […]